Red and Blue

An amateurish poem written in the absence of good Korean and Taiwanese dramas. I also realise that this is yet another dull title. Alas, amusez-vous bien!

Suppose you must be introduced
Compendiously – please kindly choose:
Are you red or are you blue?
Love is red, but anger too –
Blue’s the wisest of the two.
But red is blood and heat and flames,
While blue commands with ice and chains.
Which is better: fevered games
Or labour in a heartless reign?

Yet navy staunchly shields the meek,
Gilding men of gallant fleets.
Should stateliness be what you seek,
Blue retains a royal streak.

As crimson lace and carmine lips
Slickly make composures slip,
Soldiers take their final trips
With bloodied blades in vicious grips.

All is red in love and war –
Could periwinkle weather more?

Imagine you were forced to choose:
Which will win and which will lose?

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