Quick, Make a Wish

Quick, make a wish,
And hold on for dear, vivacious life,
As it flits across oceans and searches the sky.
If it plummets beyond reason or loses its light –
So what if you fell, when you learned how to fly!

Quick, make a wish.
Ink not a thumb but both unwizened hands
And lace your limpid heart for Tombouctouan lands.
Be conscious, my dear, as you seek to understand
The paradigm shifting sands, of the visions and virtues
On which your dignity stands.

Quick, make a wish!
Make a plan, make a fervent proclamation!
Run ever onwards, ablaze with loud ambition
To be fearless and free and foolish and naïve
For youth is still more fleeting than you would care to believe.

The 11th of November has already passed, but there is the century’s largest supermoon tonight. Quick, make a wish! 🌕


Clouds (creatively titled, I concede) was scribbled down almost two years ago, during a particularly lethargic English lesson. Looking back, the overwhelming stress that I had given myself is almost comical; compared to university applications and receiving admissions decisions, I really should have been more carefree.

They sing of silver lining;
That is but half the tune.
Our hopes and wishes, woven tight
Glow softly in the moon.
So yes, there is some truth –
Our limit is the sky. But
They grow heavy with our broken dreams
When thunderstorms are nigh.
So they drain their burdens onto our heads,
Cleansing, letting go the severed threads.
And now, a new beginning,
And new hopes may rise.

Hopefully the extended metaphor can ring true for a wide variety of situations. Despite having revisited this poem countless times, I still cannot make it flow exactly like how I had originally envisioned it. But as John E. Lewis once wrote, if not now, then when?